01. Timing

Timing has always been one of Fornitek’s strong points, guaranteeing prompt responses concerning commercial offers and accurate project’s analysis.

02. Laboratory

In the brand-new laboratory, cutting-edge machinery allow us to execute the majority of tests generally required in the automotive market and perform control analysis on raw and semi-finished materials. In order to guarantee maximum reliability, all tools are annually calibrated and certified.

03. Production

In the production department, beyond the defined length cut of extrusions, realized using different machines according to the extrusion type, we are able to realize straight and angled cuts of any gradation, on mono-components, bi-components and three components extrusions even in presence of a metal insert. The moulding department has an injection moulding machines line with 2 and 4 columns, with a tonnage from 27t up to 650t. Moreover, we have 2 infra-red cold joining presses which allow us to mould self-adhesive extrusions with a very thin TPE film. There is also a heat activated double-sided tapes application system and a heat activated flock tape application system. As completion of the manufacturing process, recently has been introduced a coating application system which enables us to apply the variety of slip coating normally requested by the automotive market.

Cutting edge