Working in synergy with our customers, we have developed the ability to produce exclusive products. Moreover, we can internally manage all the manufacturing phases from the raw material control through the design and tools manufacturing till series production.

Our know-how, the expertise, the very short production chain, synonym of great flexibility and prompt response, are the main features that distinguish us and guarantee excellence of all production levels of our sealing systems.

Isothermal Vans

In our portfolio we boast a long- lasting collaboration with leading companies in this market, for which we realize the complete sets of seals that compose the cabin. Regarding the side doors, gaskets in expanded EPDM are applied in order to facilitate a fast application that guarantees optimum insulation. As for the back doors, are used seals showing a geometrically important section for which it is necessary an injection moulding.


Regarding the “Container” branch, we can develop seals both for small batch, starting from the doors drawing, and complete bulk series for bigger quantities. We can realize open gaskets with vulcanized lowered terminals, closed gaskets and hatch’s gaskets.

Industrial sector

Each application that requires a seal can find a solution to the problem encountered among the range of our products or following an advice with our technical/commercial office.

Self-adhesive extrusions

This kind of products are used in the applications which have no possibilities of mechanical hooking. We only use 3M® certified products for the automotive market that enable us to guarantee maximum performance. The application can be performed by both heat activation through a dedicated combined hot air/infra-red system, and manually in case is required an application of double-side tape on already moulded seals or on variable sections.